Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Southern Cross - The start

Arriving in JHB after a mild UK to snow 6th August 2012!

We have started our trip with a happy but filled to the brim flight courtesy of British Airways BA55 from London to Jo’burg. Jo’burg hasn’t changed much the locals asked us where we wanted to go and offered to carry the bags. Welcome back to Africa!
One of our friends fetched us from the airport and we are staying with them for a night to get used to Africa again. The pilot kindly informed on arrival that the  temperature was -1! We both thought it would be ok since we have endured colder weather in London before, however we did forget that there is no central heating. So the temperature was a little different this morning, slight shock to the system. The water was frozen over in our mates garden!
By lunchtime snow started falling. It’s possibly the first time we have seen snow in Johannesburg must be a good sign!
Here’s a few photos of what is happening so far while we repack bags for Nairobi tomorrow :). Shev is keeping warm by the fire and has found a new friend Beacon see photo!

Day 1 - Nairobi

We arrived in Nairobi late yesterday evening on the 8th of Aug 2012 on flight KQ761 after being delayed due to some ”technical” issue on Kenya Airways. Typical! We arrived to typical African weather, black thunder clouds were rolling in and heavy rain that lasted right through the night. Our taxi driver met us at the airport and took us to Wildebeest Eco Camp where we are staying for two nights. The journey there was rather interesting, it was everyone for themselves on the roads. No road markings, pot holes, no street lights or signs, motorists driving without their headlights on and padestrians walking casually across the ”motor way”. It makes Zimbabwe’s roads seem better! We did ask Georgina how the driving was going and she assured us while reading her Blackberry and wipping the front windscreen to get a better view of the road that this was just typical traffic and if they would just drive a little better we could go faster! OMG!
We woke up at sparrows* this morning (*our term for far too early and we are probably going to use that a fair bit on our blog) to the sound of birds chirping away. Its a lovely warm day. We are going to take the time to chill out, go for a wonder around the camp and prepare ourselves for the start of our trek tomorrow which will start at 6am!

Shev found a massive pot while checking out the local shop near by.

I was convinced to buy Creamy Inn ice creams by Shev, claiming they are the best soft serve ever! And I must say they are probably the best soft serve I have had.

We stayed at Wildebeest Eco Camp just outside of Nairobi run by an Aussie couple.

The Africans are very superstitious when it comes to chameleons. Mainly due to their eyes moving in 360 degrees and them being able to change colour.  As beautiful and fascinating as they are unfortunately it is the african custom to kill them if one is seen as it will bring you bad omens.

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