Sunday, 3 March 2013

28th Feb, Arriving back in Sydney

Along the Hume highway we also hit torrential rain and the car almost overheated what a combo there we were with bucket pouring rain and a car that was in the red, after pouring some water on the outside of the water container and waiting 10min I tried opening the cap slowly and standing well away so that if the steam blew out after shooting the cap off I would be ok. A little steam came out, the water level had been fine before it must have just leaked while we were driving and in the rain I couldn’t check for any drips now. We filled up again and after idling and checking that all was good we were off again 80km/hr was the max we could go in what appered to be looking like a flash flood ahead of us.
As we got closer to Sydney we could sense it traffic became stop start with people changing lanes and nobody thanking anyone or letting anyone in. Weather looked dismall with wind and rain. The idea of being back in the beach flat with tea and a warm shower sounded great though!

Here's some of the roadsigns  we saw along the way and when you see a duplicated name in Oz like Wagga Wagga no its not a team chant its plural as in many of whatever the first word is in Aboriginal language in this case many crows!

1st March, We said goodbye to our Jucy van and started planning everything for the East coast up North and Asia for our trip back to London.

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