Sunday, 3 March 2013

14th Feb Seaspray - 90 Mile Beach

Yes Valentines Day – I have been reminded that this needed to be mentioned and yes Dave did get me a card as well as he got one from me. We have never been fussed about Valentines, just a card but other than that its just another normal day.

We leave Shipwreck Beach for a one horse town called Seaspray where the horse is no where to be seen but there was a shop selling Carlton Draught and fishing bait, perfect for seaside fishing trip!
We arrived at around 5pm and missed the office completely, while looking at the commercialised somewhat run down caravan site that looked like it was in the 1970's. The service was great only we were surprised to find out that we had showers on a timer that ate 20c pieces every 3mins.
The only thing going for the campsite was that it was located on 90 mile beach, the beach was just insane! As far as the eye could see...

After walking on the beach while trying not to get swept away we ran into the lifeguard that had just finished going for a surf and had his dog jumping all around us that he was calling back, while apologising for all the wet paw marks we were collecting. Later I spoke to the lifeguard as he was driving homed he drove past our campsite where I was filling the kettle for tea for Shev, something about the weather being cold brings out the need for tea...
After much discussion about the surf and how nothing much goes on in Seaspray but travellers like us stop every now and then we got talking about a great spot called Wilsons Prom. Somehow I had never even heard about this place but the description was that its a wildlife mecca and Squeaky beach even has some good waves. We decided that we would ditch Seaspray early morning and head to Wilsons Prom.

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