Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Southern Cross - Kariba to Antelope Park

4th - 7th September Kariba to Antelope Park!

4th - 7th August
Kariba to Antelope Park!
4th August!
So after two fabulous nights on the house boat and another two on the shores of Kariba, we headed off to Antelope Park in Gweru. I persuaded Temba to stop for some biltong just outside Karoi. Turns out his home town is Karoi. We stopped for biltong in Chinyoi as there was none in Karoi that was dry as Buffulo Downs had only just started the next batch possibly due to the end of school holidays.
In Chinyoi at the Lions Den butchers they happened to be making steak rolls in a small tent on the side of the road for $4. Half the people on the truck lined up for them and boy oh boy did they taste so flippin good! Yum yum… It was interesting seeing the landscape on our way to Antelope Park. No farms at all as we passed through Chegutu and then Kwekwe. We finally arrived at Antelope Park just in time for a welcoming traditional dance and drink and to put our tents up in before dark. The next day is going to be packed full of activities ranging from lion feeding, lion walks to cub viewing – yes there are 7 week old cubs!! And it turns out when I was here 4 years ago, the lions Sara and Sarai that I walked with last time, the cubs are Sarai’s first. So I would have walked with the mom and played with the kids by the time we update on the happenings at Antelope Park for the next 3 days!

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