Tuesday, 12 March 2013

March Madness 1st - 8th

Walking around Bondi Beach and it seems that we have returned to another city theres a gale of a wind and theres not many people out and about its a bit like a horror where the city becomes deserted. Amazing what a difference the weather makes to a place at least it wasn't too cold (still 20C+) or snowing! But locals are in Katmandu Mt Everest gear!
Friday Waking up at our beach flat and its been great sleeping in a bedroom again listening to the sea at night we will miss Australia, apart from a few nuisances one of them being driving! I will write about this later ;)

Returning the camper van was really easy and the staff were cheerful asking about our adventures and where we had been Lucy also told me about their own blog http://www.jucy.com.au/about/jucy-blog.aspx check it out its interesting to see what others have been up to. I checked our accounts and asked them to remove a $50 fine for not paying a toll road fee which is a nuisance as we had travelled through one toll in Sydney and had paid it late so technically our rental company didn't have to pay or sort out anything? 
Told them about the radiator and how she needed to be topped up and they said thanks for the info we will sort it out before the next rental, they also tried to convince me to do another trip saying the east coast is great or what about NZ ??
Bused it back and it seemed Bondi was alive again with the bus getting slightly more crammed every stop closer to the beach. The bus fills up with more holidaymakers and a general happy bunch of people trying to locate themselves on smart phones while looking out the windows, interesting thing is how nobody exits until they get the feeling that this is where everyone else is getting off and then its a mad rush with one or two not quite making it screaming open the door!

Made it out for a super early surf and theres a few locals plus some super happy looking travellers, the water's warm and crystal clear - great for long boarding on small 3-4ft waves its more about being out for a paddle to be honest but good.

Back in Bondi after some packing and repacking as we had to ship goods back to the UK I was constantly surprised at how after 6 months we had accumulated more than just the backpack and suitcase we brought over with us! After much packing and sorting we realised some of the items just aren't worth shipping. We got a box from a travel company but couldn't believe they wanted $1000+ for 20kg to be shipped to the UK as air freight? Also shipping with them by sea would take 2mths+ and then we would have the pleasure of fetching goods at the port miles from London!

The good old posty one in the end and along with sponsorship of boxes from the local IGA nad we were ready to ship weetabix 10kg, organic cobbs cereal 10kg and the removal box 20kg. It sounds like a lot but we were now down to backpacks only and this way we can make around Asia. I recommend the post office any day just check weights and dimensions on-line first.

While looking for lunch and box sponsors we found this hidden gem a gallery dedicated almost entirely to Bondi but definitely to beaches!
http://www.aquabumps.com/ UGE takes some good photos!
Another really good place in Sydney is the walk around from Bondi to Coogee Beach. It is a 7km round trip and its great if you have time to have a swim along the way and there's plenty of bbq spots along the way. This has been our daily running track as well and the locals are out in full force so you wont be running alone and slower than 6min a km and they will all be cruising past you seems the ironman/woman fitness pros all live out here!

Monday - Saturday 8th
Almost starting to get packed - vacuum packed bags really do make a difference once packed you have loads of space but you wont have any idea what is packed in there when you come back later...i like to recheck things so as I didn't make a list the vacuum bags and I meant re packing and getting the Dyson(who uses hoover any more?) out again...

Finally we have transport again we got a relocation deal definitely the way to go if you have time and can wait for dates that suit the rental companies.
12:30pm Picked up our relocation car a mean metallic greenmachine i20 Hyundai all I could think was how does a board fit in this??
It went really well however brakes were soft and the clutch was all the way at the bottom, after a few stalls and some getting used to being a nippy little car compared to a slow automatic 2.8l campervan i was ok again.

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