Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Beach Hotel or Motel?

9 March
After stopping by Jay and Michelles to say a final goodbye - we arrived at Beach Hotel Motel and it looked a little different to what had been described and there was a nice older mid 40s couple in front of us in check in. There was only one guy at the desk so after a 10min wait we were up. Conversation went a bit like this:

''Hello, do you have a reservation for Mackenzie?''
Answer was a flat NO, as in No and thats it nothing else said!!!
My response after thinking this guy doesnt like the fact that we look like a younger travelling couple well we booked through Wotif let me give you the ref number.
Guy at the desk finally says well what is the place called as this is called the Beach Motel, after some searching I show the guy the ref. He didnt cheer up one bit the response was ''You guys are staying just down the road, you goout turn left and its the place right there. You can't miss it, its the place with all the music!''

Well that explains the curt NO repsonse and the sheer attitude we got from this guy. Clearly the place we are staying at does not have a good reputation in the area. Oh well you live and learn I guess.
I can just imagine making a complaint to this guy or trying to get something sorted? I said thanks and sorry for the mishap however as a tourist you have almost the same names and are right next to each other?

Our new place was closer to the beach and had a much younger crowd!

Arriving it was very much like the motel scenes from the movies. Quite funny actually. Upon checking in we realised that Smashmouths were playing live that very night. Yes ''the'' band we may have heard in high school not the biggest but most people know of at least 3 of their songs ~ I'm a believer ~ Rockstar and Walking on the Sun. The concert was actually pretty good for a band that we remembered from high school! Two things were realy funny about the band one that the lead singer kept asking for shots from the bar and you not allowed straight shots in Oz or doubles and the pianist was going all out and wanted to be seen as doing more like a drummer going crazy on a solo... Overall the band got the crowd going, but man they looked old - made us feel even older!

After the gig ended we headed to our room which was a 5min stroll from the bar and the parking lot has two police vans which we thought were maybe for security with the gig and all going on as a precaution but as we approached closer there were officers knocking on the door of the room next to ours, and a girl in the prking lot with other officers going completely nuts and the police trying to calm her down. Turns out after Shevvy being a ''Mrs Mangle'' with her ear to our door once we were inside it was an Aberdeen couple having a major dispute..

Just great! I do feel sorry for people in domestic disputes but calling the cops??

Sure enough cops go in and out comes football top lad looking very white possibly due to more than not seeing the sun enough and in the police van he goes.

The conversations for the next 2 hours between the woman and the police gave us more insight into what was going on. One conversation right out our door went like this:

Police ''So Miss, I have two witnesses here that have said that you assulted the man first. Is this correct?''
Lady ''Why do I feel like you are not listening to the victim here. I am the victim.''
Police '' Sorry you feel that way but I need to try to determine what has happened here tonight. So did you assult the man first?''
Lady '' Yes I headbutted him first but....''
Police '' Sorry you headbutted him?''
Lady '' Yes I did''

Great - just great! Our heads went under the pillow to block out the conversations and eventually managed some sleep.

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