Sunday, 3 March 2013

10th Feb 2 nights at Jervis Bay

 We arrived in Booderee National Park ('wlawaani njindiwan njin booderee' – 'welcome everyone this is Booderee. Booderee means bay of plenty!). Big eucaluptus trees and ozzie bush awaited us, needless to say we were very keen to spot any whildlife in its natural habitat.

 Jervis Bay starry night! While setting up the tripod, we left the doors of the car open. We heard a rustling sound to two possums trying to find food while we were distracted! See the next picture - snapped the culprit!

 As we arrived in our campsite it was now well after six and with light starting to fade we called the parks only to find they were closed. We stopped at an information board and got a map. Since we had pre booked we knew our spot and soon we were driving into our first campsite of the trip. Our camping 'neighbours, a Wallabie and her Joey looked on intrigued probably wondering where we were from. Finally pleased with ourselves for spotting a wild kangaroo/wallaby plus an added bonus of a baby roo too! We watched them for ages, and saw Joey climb back into moms pouch head first and feet and tail sticking out. We managed to set ourselves up pretty quickly as is expected since we camped for 37 days in Africa at least this time it was not a tent, just to make the seats in our campervan fold into our bed! 
                                                         This was our neighbour Joey!

2nd Night Jervis Bay
Next day we decided to check out Hyams Beach, apparently it has the whitest sand in the world. It was a very squeaky beach and I must say we were quite impressed with it. Crystal blue waters. Heaven on Earth! But then again we have not been to Mauritius so nothing to compare it to... Next stop maybe? We ventured to Cave beach where we wondered on the beach for ages. Dave found a kite hidden in one of the caves, as we were the only ones on the beach and the kite was a tangled mess we decided it was left there. So Dave managed to untangle it and now we own a kite! After Cave beach we went to Murrys beach where we saw some Dolphins swimming close to shore.

It was a good day and we saw plenty more wallabies in the areas too. Its weird seeing them lying on the sand dunes of the beaches, exactly like the post cards except no tinnie of fosters next to them. Before the sun went down, we strolled on the 2km stretch of white beach near where we were camped. We found some rock pools that had some sea life that got stranded when the tide went out. Dave was trying his hardest to catch the small crabs, but they were just too quick and would hide in he smallest of cracks in the rocks. We did find a small octopus too. We gently poked it with a stick to make it move, while watching its colours change. Was quite stunning to watch! That night we sat in complete darkness and gazed at the dark sky and the bright stars. The occasional possum lurked in the trees near us.

Octopus (Hopefully not a blue ring tailed one as they are the most poisonous thing in Oz, as we soon figured out after reading the beach warning signs on most beaches.)

A few road signs along the way! (some were edited by other travellers!)

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