Sunday, 3 March 2013

19th Feb Warnambool

Its also known a the Whales nursery during Jan -October. I did see a pretty big whale while out surfing at Castle Cove even in late Feb. We had heard Warnambool is the end of the Great Ocean Road so we stayed at Surfside Holiday Park, arriving late at 6:30pm we were given a map and told to drive on and that accounts would be sorted in the morning as the staff were waiting for lifts to go home and everything was shut. We still had daylight till 8:30pm so we had lots of time to get settled and later had fun fighting off the large black and white magpies that wanted an invite for dinner or more like wanted our dinner! Our friend Jarrod, an ozzie back in London grew up here and told us to stop off and check it out. Glad we did!

The cheese here is amazing!

See photo below see how serious they are about it..

Maritime museum close to where we stayed.

In the morning we got a good 6km run in and went down to the Hopkins river which was really scenic and looked great for fishing. Finally we felt refreshed and energised for the drive ahead.

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