Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Coffs Harbour great surf in Mutton Bird bay

We woke up at Hoey Moey's feeling a little worse for the wear and the lyrics you're a Rockstar playing through the back of our minds! To add a little drama the blue police were outside again...absolutely fantastic! Some of the conversation went as follow:

Police:“ So were you drinking last night?”
Lady: “Of course I was”
Police “Ok so you were both drinking last night”
Lady “Yes but!”
Police “Look we need to go through your statement again please”
Lady: “Ok”
Police “So you assulted him first? That is you headbutted him?”
Lady: “ Yes but he's never done this and its got to stop!”
Police “Ok well he's very sorry and we have brought him back, so now that you're both sober do you think you two can sort this out ?”
Lady: Possibly (what a lucky guy!)

Last I know when we left they seemed to be talking and back to being a normal Brit couple - can't hardly wait till next happy hour!
I do need to add that the entire stay was actually very good and our neighbours didn't even look like the type to cause an issue from what we could see they could have checked in anywhere!

We headed out for brekkie at Aquas and what a feast I would recomend this to anyone in Coffs harbour looking for a bite to eat as the rest of the menu looked great as well!

 Beach view near where we stayed.

We headed into town to go and check out Coffs Harbour. It was buzzing with people for the Sunday market!  We met a white Aussie that made Didgeridoos and had even recently flown all the way to a mining indaba in Cape Town to play for all the guests, I was blown away by this and even more so that I could now buy a didge that had already been to Cape Town. BTW we are still considering buying that didge!

 We have noticed boats strapped to the tops of 4x4s during our trips through Oz. Some even pulling a caravan behind as well! 

We walked along the harbour wall and we saw there was a really green hill at the end of the harbour and could see people walking up it. We soon learnt that this was called Mutton Bird Island. One thing we were slightly annoyed about when asking some of the locals what there is to see and do in Coffs Harbour that they didn't even mention the island! It has a lovely view of the Harbour. 

After a quick steep climb up Mutton Bird Island Dave couldn't resist a quick surf in the bay. The surf was 4-6ft and hollow with a few surfers out but quite a few more sponges, I think due to the hollowness of the waves.

After the surf we hit the road for Byron Bay. Overtaking in Oz is fantastic this is how it goes when they overtake you...speed limit for this scenario is 100km/hr.

Overtaking car creeps right up onto your rear bumper for maximum wind draft and to get some extra speed or stealth position as now you have idea as to how close they are really as looking back you can see there rear seats only (Ozzies feel free to explain to me why this is?)
Next right indicator goes on and they are creeping up along side you as you are doing 99.5 – 100.5km/hr only. They are now doing 100 – 101km/hr, you need to be patient as they will be overtaking for a while which may seem like forever compared to driving in any other country in the world!

After a few minutes of waiting they will be almost 1m ahead in the fast lane, indicator flashes on the left hand side to re enter the slow lane!!! You’re kidding right?? 1m ahead and now I must slow down and let you in front of me? Its not overtaking at all its some kind of slow other drivers down tactic cruise past them as slow as possible and then cut in front of them so if they don’t slow down below the speed limit they will crash into you!! Why oh why would anyone who knows how to drive do this??(Ozzies I want an answer)!!

As we left Coffs Harbour we came across the Big Banana that everyone has been raving about to see in Coffs Harbour. To be honest its just a big banana but its there as a symbol as Coffs grows bananas and my word one of the best tasting bananas we have had in a very very long time!

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