Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Southern Cross - Return to Nairobi and meal from Goodluck

13th – 14th August - back to Nairobi

13th – 14th August
Staying back in Nairobi for a night we pitched tents and were given a home cooked meal for a change that and another few Tuskers was very refreshing and enjoyed by all even Goodluck the cook and Steve our driver joined in and had a beer with us.
Betty had offered to wash our clothes for 10 000Shillings which we realise now was probably too cheap and the 1500 that she asked for the first time which was equivalent to 10USD was more likely a fair price however they had a washing machine and it wasn’t a laundromat so we didn’t see the point in paying much. It was also the first hot shower we had seen in the last 3 days, we were all very happy campers!
We left Nairobi early the this morning for Arusha, Tanzania but picked up 6 more people from Heron Hotel. Our big yellow truck was full!!. It was a very long drive from Nairobi, but we all crossed the border with no issues. It was an absolute pleasure not to have to pay for a visa for a change! Makes up for all the lost money on Schenghan visas in Europe, South Africans still had to pay 50USD. We arrived in Arusha after 7pm. Unlucky for the new people that stated their trip, learning to put a tent up in the dark wasn’t that fun at all. We camped at a snake park which is run by a South African couple, the lady behind the bar is called Ouma! The bar was decorated in all the many many pictures, flags, t-shirts from all the overland travellers that had passed through over the years. The South African lady was known as Ouma or Ma and such a wonderful lady. Dave and I saw our very first hedgehog that night and we were very much excited about it and surprised that it appeared even more cartoonish than real. A few of our English travelling mates were really having a laugh at this especially since we had told them how much time we spend in Richmond park but had never seen a hedgehog!. I found the good ol’ Zimbabwean flag hanging in the bar, and asked Ma if I could write a messaged on the flag. We stayed up and had a few drinks with everyone, we couldn’t let the ”Tusker team” down!

As we don't have any pictures of the place or for this post, due to Dave's iphone dying we thought we would share some roadside stuff we snapped in Kenya.


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