Sunday, 3 March 2013

15th Feb Wilsons Promontory and a surf at Whisky bay

We found an information centre en-route and stopped in to enquire about Wilsons Prom. After talking to the guide at the office who had lived at Swiss Cottage in London, he could not get through to the office in the ''Proms'' to make a booking for us. As the Proms is extremely popular and given it was Friday, the start of the weekend it was a very slim chance that there would be a spot available. He did tell us that we should still just go and state we are from overseas and they might just have a spot! Upon arrival at the National Park gates, the signs were flashing '' Accomodation FULL''. Our hearts sank a bit but it seemed we were in luck and the girl at the entrance gate had an unpowered site available for us. She was super helpful explaining about the Wombats and not to leave anything lying around as they WILL eat it!

Below:You can see the parks take the Aboriginal heritage to heart and some of the signs say we respect the original owners of this land as well.

After 2min of driving through the gate and feeling like we had won the lottery as we had almost expected to be turned away, we had a pedestrian in front of us, an Echidna was scurrying across the road. These are the only creatures I have seen with their back feet pointing the wrong way so that they look like the could run backwards just as fast as forwards. If anyone knows why they are genetically modified this way please let us know.

See the link here for more info, did you know that this animal is named after a Greek mythology monster?

The scenery was absolutely beautiful – rolling mountains, thick ozzie bush, breath taking views from look out points on the road to secluded blue beaches. Plenty of road signs for kangaroos, wombats and emus. We stopped and Dave had a quick surf at Whiskey beach.

 Our campsite, Tidal River was every bit commercialised but what was nice is that they kept the surroundings of bush and it felt you still had your own piece of quiet space. The campsite was situated along the beach and on the one side there was a tidal river meandering into the ocean.

There was something there for everyone. Beach if you want the beach, river if you want the river, mountains and bush if that is what you prefer. It simply was wonderful. It was great showering without feeding the meter 20c!
 Above: Shevaughn enjoying a stroll on the beach at Wilsons Promentory.
Below: David after a run in the morning.

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