Sunday, 3 March 2013

12th Feb Ben Boyd Nature Reserve with a quick surf break at Mollymook beach.

We left Jervis Bay and headed to Ben Boyd Nature Reserve. The drive was windy and lined with tall eucalyptus trees. We stopped off in Mollymook beach for lunch and a quick surf. Shev even tried out a bit of surf but the waves were a bit messy for her to learn on.

Above: The old storehouse.
Below: Tranquil Bitangabee Bay!
 Above: Bittangabee Bay, the rocks still have marks cut into them from where goods used to be hauled on to land and then pulled with a horse driven tramway to the lighthouse some 11km away.

 Lunch and surf over we continued to Ben Boyd. We arrived well after 8pm – the turn off from the main road was 27km till the campsite, but the road was unsealed and in most places pretty bad.

 Above a smoother part of the road!

We took it easy on the road doing between 10km and 30km depending on the bumps and small ditches. It was very cold that night, we wrapped up nice and warm. I was hoping for a warm shower but to my disappointment this was our first campsite where there were no showers, long drop toilets (thought they only existed in the African bush) and rain water. At least it was fun hearing some of the girls/ladies in the distance squealing as they entered the ladies toilet – ''Ah there is a spider'', ''Gross'', ''OMG I miss my toilet at home'' – were some of the more pleasant comments. Growing up and living in Africa certainly toughened us up and prepared us for these situations.

In the morning we woke up and had a few hours to check out the area around us before getting in the van and trekking the slow dusty 27km trek back to the main road. We found a short trail in Bittangabee that took us to an old ruined storehouse near the sea. Dave went for a quick swim in the sea, he seems not to be able to go past water without getting in and swimming for a few mins. The water again here was crystal blue. Once Dave dried off, we took a slightly longer trek ( an hour or so) through some of the reserve. We thought we may see some animals but all we saw was a water monitor, like an iguana.

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