Sunday, 3 March 2013

16th Feb – Wilsons Prom – Torquay

We got up early and went for a run since we had discussed exercising and that we should get out and about as we had been sitting in a car for the last few days, we were really surprised during the run to see some other fellow runners and not just us trying to be fitness freaks. We did a good 5km stretch on the beach and felt good too! No more car lathargic feeling!

We started our car journey to Sorrento to catch the 2pm Ferry to Queenscliff then onwards to Torquay, home of surfing in Oz! And to hit the Great Ocean Road.

 Above and below: The Victorians know how top advertise their homeland!

We stayed at Jan Juc park as all other spots were booked up and as it was quite a popular spot we had to drive around a bit to get a good spot. The surf was disappointing despite all the hype but I guess you need to be there when the swell is good. It's all about timing! So we took it easy, had a bit of a lazy morning and visited the surf museum before starting the Great Ocean Road trek.

Below are pictures from the museum, make sure to read the postcards from Maurice!

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