Sunday, 3 March 2013

20th Discovery Bay

We drove perhaps 400km out of Warnambool and the drive changes every five minutes from seeing only sheep/horses/cows every half hour to dry bush.

We took a slight detour to Mt Gambier after visiting Nelson. Mt Gambier its a great place with a crystal blue volcanic lake.  The water changes colour with the seasons. In winter, it is a steel grey and then changes to a spectacular cobalt blue in the summer, giving rise to its name, Blue Lake. The city is known for its geographical features, particularly its limestone and volcanic features, most notably its blue lake, parks and gardens, caves and sinkholes. Most of the cave tours were closed that day so we were unable to check out the caves.

 The drive to Discovery bay changed drastically - gone were the eucalyptus trees, dry bush and welcome to  forests and forests of pine trees. We came to a sudden slam on breaks and pulled off to the side of the road as a huge bird flew out from the side of the road in front of us. We found out later it was a Wedge Tail, a magnificent bird of prey with a wing span of at least 2 meters! He had found a dead kangaroo at the side of the road and we clearly startled him by probably being the only vehicle on the road in ages.

Our sat nav managed to get us a wee bit lost finding the campsire but we managed to see some massive kangaroos on the lon dusty road. Clearly were not used to cars or people and they would bolt off into the pine forests before you could get any closer. Zoom lense was necessary to get some the ''classic kangaroo bouncing pose.''

Arriving at our campsite we were pretty chuffed to find we were the only ones there. Again no showers! We were by a lake and enjoyed dinner and sunset on the wooden deck by the lakeside. Soon Shev felt a bit spooked being out in the middle of no where, with nothing around for over 100km. It was like something out of a horror movie! We would have conversations that reminded me of being in Africa only I felt much safer here here so when asked “Did you hear that?” which I just thought of as trees rustling or the birds taking off in the water near by, I would answer sarcastically that it was definitely a monster as it seemed the only way to answer after a few did you hear that questions...(we didn’t get to the point of trying to scare each other as it was scary enough already)

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