Sunday, 3 March 2013

9th Feb the start of our roadtrip to Adelaide from Sydney

9th Feb Sydney,Bondi Beach to Jervis Bay 385km via “The Blowhole”  today is the start of the Chineese new year so a Monkey and an Ox go travelling today to Jervis Bay!
This is where we left from in Bondi Beach!

Some interesting stories about the Chinese Zodiac can be found here..
Legend of the Chinese animals

We finally left our flat mid morning and headed off to Jucy rentals to get our seatbelt sorted out as it was not working. We waited a while for one of the mechies to finish replacing the seatbelt with a new one. An hour or so later we were on the road and new seatbelt installed.

Our trip starts off to Jervis Bay, the place of crystal blue tranquil waters and white beaches. We planned on stopping en route to anything we thought was interesting. The aim was to travel on the Princes highway along the coast. As we were excited to get the road trip started after the wait for a new seatbelt, we managed to miss the turn off for the highway, how you ask, we have no idea, but we turned around and headed back.

On the Princes highway we saw the Nan Tien Budhist Temple which looked really interesting but we drove on as we still had a fair bit to drive. As we got closer to Wollongong the landscape got greener and the views were fantastic, this is where we started our scenic trip along the Grand Pacific Drive and entered the Royal National Park “1879”.

Since we had diverted our trip south sue to the recent weather up north we were rather curious about the “Flood Signs” that started appearing along with 2M measuring poles. We didn’t have a drop of rain though and it was only once we hit the hill tops of Stanwell Park with the para-gliders that the wind and rain started to drive in from the sea. At first we didn't realise we would be stopping at a cliff top with para-gliders, our drive took us over a hill top and from there we saw a fantastic view of the ocean and hilltops that we decided to stop for some pictures. Luckily the hilltop we stopped at were the para-gliders and other travellers and probably locals to the area lined on the hill top to watch. We sat and watched the para-gliders float as if they could hover, and we saw some really happy scared looking people suiting up with some happy but rather confident looking persons and sure enough they took off while making it look so easy to jump off a cliff.

We made it down some sharp bends and curves and stopped at Kiama the “Blowhole” where George Bass had described “The monstrous Whoomph noise making device”. A pity though that they tide was out when we stopped. It would have been amazing to see the blowhole and it would have made for some excellent pictures. 

After stopping every 20 mins or so to stop and check something cool out, we realised that the day was almost over and we needed to get moving to Jervis Bay or else we never would get there at the rate we were going so we headed to Booderee National Park in Jervis Bay.

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