Sunday, 3 March 2013

26th Grampians camped at Lake View.

We decided after realising we should have stayed near the dam that we will saty another night in the Grampians. We followed the road to Mackenzie Falls and sightseeing some of the Grampians look out points. There was a 6km hiking trail from Mackenzie Falls that we were keen on doing but unfortunately it was closed due to maintenance. We got to explore the falls and Dave even went behind them! Grampians is a climbers and hikers paradise. Amazing rock formations! We were lucky to have been able to stay. The prior week the south part of the Grampians was on fire and with the recent extreme temperatures and high winds we were worried that the park would be closed to the public. Thank goodness for rain before we arrived!

We found the campsite we were originally meant to stay at. Much better than the previous one. They gave us a spot on the edge of an open grassy plain that had at least 50 kangaroos grazing the grass plus a few emus too! Shev had fun for ages taking yet again more pictures of the kangaroos! It was awesome staying here but we finally did it - we flattened the car battery charging all the gizmos at night while the engine was switched off.. we even have two batteries so this isn't supposed to happen! All we can say is at least it did not happen at some of the very remote spots where we were the only ones, no phone signal and civilization 300km away! Then we would have been stuck!

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