Sunday, 3 March 2013

13th Feb Shipwreck Beach

Today we entered the state of Victoria. Shev was interested in all the letter boxes on the sides of the road. Some really unusual ones too, a cat, cow, 10 lined up in a row, some were even old microwaves that had been painted/decorated. She decided to take pictures of letter boxes in Australia. Something different!

 We arrived at a place called Mallacoota. We saw it on the map, however we did not realise that there was one 30km in and the same road out. There was a campsite near the beach which we thought about staying at but it was too commercialised and we have gotten used to the National Parks campsites where it is not over run with people. A lady at a garage told us about Croajingolong National Park and there was one road from Mallacoota that the park can be accessed from. At least we didn't have to drive all the way back 30km of road to the main highway. The only problem was the campsite only had 5 spaces. It was worth a shot to see if there was any chance of staying there. Luckily for us we got the last spot. We found Pebbly Beach, a beautiful secluded beach. It was a small but steep climb down but was well worth it.

The beach was like it had been untouched for a very very long time. It was beautiful and as the name suggests, it was the rock formations in the sea and not pebbles on the beach. There were loads of small blue starfish in and around the rock pools, bigger crabs this time, and Dave outwitted one of them and managed to catch one for an up-close candid shot!

 We mucked about with the kite and had good fun teaching me how to fly a kite. I'm sure I must have flown a kite when I was a kid, but I simply don't remember so this for me was kind of my first time! It was good fun too!

Our camping spot was called Shipwreck Beach. Again another long drop and no showers. We wandered down the hill to check out the beach close to us. Just a normal beach with a smelly creek near it. Pebbly Beach was way better!

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